Services For
Institutional Investors

Services for institutional investors

The fiduciary’s challenge is clear: to identify and implement a proven, scientific approach to investment management that maximizes return, carefully manages risk, and keeps you in control of the process.

To help endowments, foundations, and retirement plan sponsors meet this challenge, Gerstein Fisher can work in partnership with institutions across any or all of the following dimensions:


Organization—Assessing and evaluating your goals, objectives and mission

  • Evaluate organization’s financials
  • Perform cash flow analysis
  • Determine asset liability framework

Formalization—Developing an investment policy and asset allocation

  • Establish goals and objectives
  • Identify liquidity needs
  • Perform asset/liability analysis
  • Establish risk tolerance
  • Develop strategic asset allocation targets
  • Draft investment policy statement (IPS)

Implementation—Moving from blueprint to execution

  • Coordinate custodial services
  • Analyze passive and active investment vehicles/managers
  • Construct portfolio with an eye toward minimizing trading costs
  • Where applicable, incorporate social criteria into the investment program

Monitoring and Reporting—Ensuring that the plan continually matches the organization’s mission and being accountable for and transparent about results

  • Monitor and report performance against hurdle rates and benchmarks
  • Monitor portfolio for IPS compliance
  • Rebalance investment allocations as needed to remain in line with strategic targets
  • Review investment vehicle performance and risk profiles against stated targets and/or benchmarks

Ongoing Education and Support—Helping the Board or Investment Committee stay informed about portfolio goals, strategies and risks; sharing market perspective

  • Provide/present educational material
  • Provide research white papers

Gerstein Fisher’s deep experience working with individual investors and understanding some of the unique aspects of investor behavior also positions the firm as a strong partner for defined contribution plan sponsors, whom we can help with everything from enrollment, to administration, to participant education.

For more information on our services for institutional investors, contact us.

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