Investment Management in Context

Your financial picture is like a mosaic—a coherent picture when all the pieces fit properly together. An important part of our role is ensuring that the fit is there—taking a view of your situation that seeks to ensure that all of the components are working together, and working for you.

Gerstein Fisher’s Private Client program offers a comprehensive investment program for individuals with $500,000 or more of investable assets.

After spending time with you to understand your complete financial picture, your near- and longer-term objectives, your tax considerations, and your tolerance for risk, we design a customized investment portfolio that will be managed and monitored on your behalf by our dedicated Investment Strategy Group. Our globally diversified, multi-asset class portfolios can be tailored to suit a range of objectives and special considerations and can even be built around existing holdings.

Gregg S. Fisher

Members of Gerstein Fisher’s Client Advisory Team act as liaisons between you and our Investment Strategy Group, to help ensure that your portfolio evolves, as necessary, with any changes you have advised us about in your life and your financial picture, and to serve as a conduit to the broader resources of our firm. These include, but are not limited to: tax and estate planning, charitable giving, and protection planning. Depending upon your needs, each of these areas can be addressed with you in the context of your investments and your total financial picture.

While members of our Client Advisory team will always be there to assist you and answer your questions, we recognize that sometimes our clients want to access information in their own way, on their own time. That’s why we also make available 24/7, secure online account access through the Gerstein Fisher Client Portal. Through the Portal you can view your statements, review performance, and create customized views of all of your information.

Finally, as a Gerstein Fisher Private Client, you will also have access to our insights on investing and current economic topics through research papers from Gerstein Fisher and the Gerstein Fisher Research Center, periodic market commentary, and other thought leadership and educational pieces. In addition, you will receive invitations to exclusive client events and educational seminars.

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Case Study

Seeing the whole picture

We helped a client take a coordinated approach to her investments for the first time—and make some important changes.

Investment Products & Services

  • Not insured by FDIC or any Federal Government Agency
  • May Lose Value
  • Not a Deposit or Guaranteed by a Bank or any Bank Affiliate

Gerstein Fisher is a division of People’s United Advisors, Inc., a registered investment advisor and a wholly-owned subsidiary of People’s United Bank, N.A.

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