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Investment advisors look to Gerstein Fisher for thoughtfully managed, transparent, quantitative investment strategies that can serve as strong well-diversified holdings in their clients’ portfolios.

Since opening our doors in 1993, Gerstein Fisher has worked to make academic research-based, institutional-quality investment strategies available and accessible to individual investors. We developed proprietary strategies that applied a multi-factor-based approach to both growth equity and real estate investing when we could not find an alternative in the marketplace that we felt served the best interests of long-term investors.

We are focused on what matters to individual investors, including keeping a careful eye on costs like taxes. Our strategies are broadly diversified, but with targeted tilts toward risk factors that decades of academic research has shown to historically have rewarded investors in the form of enhanced returns over the market.

What also matters to investors? Having thoughtful, trusted advisors to turn to for guidance, advice, and help overcoming emotional/behavioral tendencies that may drive them to make poor investment decisions. We appreciate the important role investment advisors play and we want to be a resource for you. Gerstein Fisher offers you and your clients access to quantitatively managed growth equity and real estate securities strategies that offer:

  • Reliable asset class representation with the potential for outperformance over the broader market
  • The discipline and objectivity of a quantitative approach in which decisions are made based on relationships borne out by research and data, not emotion
  • Thoughtful cost management and tax awareness

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