A Trusted Partner

Gerstein Fisher works closely with institutions to help them meet their duties as fiduciaries and further the objectives and missions of the organizations they represent.

Working with fiduciaries is a natural extension of our approach to managing investments for individuals, since ultimately both are about structuring portfolios to meet current or future liabilities. For institutions, partnering with Gerstein Fisher can offer several advantages, including:

  • A rigorous, research-based approach to investing focused on delivering sustainable, explainable results to institutions using a transparent process;
  • A comprehensive understanding of risk and the appropriate tools and protocols for measuring and managing the various risks associated with structuring and managing investment portfolios; and
  • The organizational independence to act as a truly objective partner

Through the Gerstein Fisher Research Center, we partner with leading academics to conduct research on the risks and risk relationships inherent in today’s complex markets, with a strong focus on practical applications for risk management theory.

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Case Study

Disconnecting the Dots

We helped a local not-for-profit organization restructure their investment portfolio to better meet their cash flow and spending needs.

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