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A Vision for the Future

Gerstein Fisher’s vision for the future is one in which all individuals invest with reason—making informed, rational investment decisions and choices on the path to meeting their real-life financial goals. Everything we do is guided by this vision and supported by five enduring core values.


Research has shown that the majority of active attempts to outsmart the market fail—particularly after the effects of fees and taxes are factored in. Gerstein Fisher’s scientific, quantitative approach to structuring portfolios is grounded in rigorous, time-tested research. We believe this is the best path to sustainable and explainable results.


When market perceptions are driven by fear and hype rather than fact and logic, we hope to stand above the fray as a clear and grounded voice of reason for our clients. In a world of 24/7 news cycles, we help investors maintain a longer-term perspective on market events and make sure our clients remain clear on how they are invested and why.


Organizational independence means that the interests of our clients can truly come first. It fosters unconstrained thinking. It drives the creation of strategies that solve real investor needs.


The markets are always evolving. So are our clients’ lives. At Gerstein Fisher we are proactive in staying attuned to both, ensuring our investment strategies are continually positioned for success. Just as our continuous research effort seeks new ways to examine market dynamics, our team works to keep ahead of our clients’ changing life circumstances and goals.


We believe that integrity must be at the core of any organization to which an individual entrusts his or her wealth. In serving our clients, we recognize that trust is not given, it is earned, and we work to earn our clients’ trust and confidence every day.



About Our Logo

Agile, adaptable to change, and independent, the hummingbird continuously restores balance to its environment—and embodies key qualities of our firm.

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