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When the Whole Is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts

In many ways, structuring a team is a lot like structuring a portfolio: you need to organize it around an objective and make sure all the parts are working well together and collectively making for a stronger whole.

At Gerstein Fisher, our team is designed in such a way that each group can focus, without distractions, on its respective promise to our clients—whether that is investment management, tax strategy, technology or operations support.

While it may sound like an obvious way to structure a team, it is different from the way many firms in our industry operate. Often, a client’s relationship manager is also selecting his or her investments. The result is that two clients at the same firm with nearly identical financial situations and objectives may end up with two very different looking portfolios, depending on who is constructing them. At Gerstein Fisher, we have very purposely built a dedicated investment platform that allows each of our clients to benefit from our best thinking—still in a way that is tailored to their individual financial objectives and situation.

Gerstein Fisher Team Structure


The Investment Strategy Group, led by founder, and Head of Quantitative Research and Portfolio Strategy Gregg S. Fisher, focuses on the formulation and implementation of Gerstein Fisher’s portfolio strategy. Functional responsibilities include macroeconomic and quantitative research, portfolio management, risk management, investment technology and trading.

Our Client Advisory Team works closely with clients to understand their individual financial situations and goals, advise them on wealth management issues, and serve as a conduit to Gerstein Fisher’s Investment Strategy Group. The team includes specialists across disciplines from estate and tax planning to charitable giving and protection planning, allowing us to develop truly integrated solutions for our clients.

The Gerstein Fisher Research Center is a forum for ongoing collaboration between Gerstein Fisher and a select circle of leading finance, risk, and economics professors and uniquely qualified students from prestigious academic institutions. The Center’s main objective is to solve critical issues in finance and risk faced by individual investors through pioneering research that bridges the gap between academic theory and real-world financial practice.


Gerstein Fisher Team


Our diverse and talented team represents a unique combination of experience, backgrounds, degrees and professional designations.




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