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The hummingbird is an extraordinary creature. Continuously restoring balance to the environment, it easily visits 1,000 flowers a day. So effective at its role in the ecosystem, many thousands of species have evolved to rely on it.

Why did we choose the hummingbird as the Gerstein Fisher logo? We find that this unique bird embodies many of the key qualities of our firm:


Capable of traveling astounding distances, hummingbirds don’t follow the flock.


The hummingbird has the highest brain-to-body ratio in the avian kingdom. In spite of its size, it packs a lot of intellectual firepower.


Able to come to a full stop while traveling at top speed, and to fly forward, backward, up, and down, or simply hover in one place, the hummingbird is impeccably precise and agile in its movements.


The hummingbird is committed to its efforts no matter the circumstances, for example in heavy rain it adjusts its body position in such a way that it can fly and feed as capably as under dry conditions.


The hummingbird has the ability to alter its body temperature to preserve its energy and survive in climate extremes.

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