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Gregg S. Fisher founded Gerstein Fisher in 1993 with the pioneering vision of offering a quantitative investment management approach rooted in sound economic theory and more efficiently implemented through technology. Today the firm embodies that vision and continues to reflect Gregg’s commitment to ongoing research and quantitative investing.

As Portfolio Manager and Head of Research, Gregg leads and manages all research and investment strategy efforts at Gerstein Fisher. He also serves as the Head of  Research and Portfolio Strategy for People’s United Bank’s $8 billion investment management organization*. An early pioneer of factor-based investing, Gregg developed the proprietary Multi-Factor® investment strategies that the firm continues to employ today to construct globally diversified portfolios with tilts toward risk factors that historically have rewarded investors in the form of higher returns.

He is responsible for the management and oversight of the firm’s investment process, including portfolio management, trading, risk control, and investment strategy development. He also spearheads Gerstein Fisher’s many research projects on areas of study that have included momentum and valuation models and tax-efficient investing.

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*As of November 30, 2017

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