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After 25 Years, Still Breaking New Ground

In the early 1990s Gerstein Fisher was one of very few firms that offered integrated tax and investment management services. Today our pioneering spirit continues to inspire fresh thinking, new ideas, and progress—all in the service of our clients’ success.

Gerstein Fisher was born of a vision: In 1993, Gregg S. Fisher envisioned a firm that would seamlessly integrate investment management, financial planning and tax management under one roof. A firm that would take a disciplined, quantitative investment approach informed by time-tested academic research and leveraged by smart technology. A firm that would, in every way, put its clients first.

True to that vision, today Gerstein Fisher remains an independent investment management firm focused intently on delivering Bottom Line Results for our clients. What this means is that we pay close attention to real-world considerations like taxes and keep an eye on costs and fees so that our clients can keep more of the returns they earn on their investments.

Early on, we embraced a quantitative, index-based approach to investing, even when it was unpopular among other firms because it offered significantly less financial incentives to advisors than active management. We were committed to making this type of approach available and accessible to individual investors, believing they deserved the same caliber of investment strategy historically afforded only to ultra-high-net-worth individuals and institutions. To this day we use a quantitative process to construct globally diversified portfolios with tilts toward risk factors that historically have rewarded investors in the form of higher returns, as we believe this offers our clients the best potential for explainable, sustainable long-term results.

Gerstein Fisher was also an early adopter of technology to help gather, consolidate and apply client-specific data to the portfolio management process. We developed in-house systems to accomplish this before there was commercially widely available software in the marketplace to do so. We believe the two decades’ worth of proprietary data we’ve collected on the impact of costs, investor behavior, taxes and rebalancing on the performance of real portfolios to generate invaluable insights to help optimize our strategies.

Today, Gerstein Fisher continues to innovate practical solutions to real-life investor challenges, drawing on a deep understanding of both market dynamics and investor behavior, and brought together by the intelligent use of technology.

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See key milestones from Gerstein Fisher’s 20-year history as an independent investment management firm.

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