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Gerstein Fisher was founded in 1993 as an investment management and advisory firm. We take an integrated, quantitative, research-based approach to investment management on behalf of individuals, families and institutions. We have engineered our firm for excellence around our progressive investment process and strong commitment to client service and education.  

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Our Team

Our team is built around a central objective: our clients’ success. With talent and expertise across investments, research, technology, and other critical areas, we have organized ourselves so that each group can focus, without distractions, on its respective promise to our clients.

Who We Are

Vision & Values

Some firms in our industry pay lip service to concepts like integrity and independence because it is what they think investors want to hear. Gerstein Fisher is different. We embody these qualities because they are at the heart of our organizational DNA.

Investment Beliefs

Grounded in time-tested academic theory and informed by two decades of practical experience working with individual investors, Gerstein Fisher’s core investment beliefs form the foundation for our strategies.

Becoming a Client

Gerstein Fisher helps individuals, families and institutions achieve their financial objectives through a tax-aware, quantitative approach to investment management.


At Gerstein Fisher, we view community involvement as a natural extension of our commitment to helping individuals make positive decisions about their financial lives.


Are you the right person for our team? Learn more about what it means to work in a culture that values expertise, initiative and results-orientation.

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