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Satish Tripathi: Optimizing Higher Education

  • Satish Tripathi, a prominent data scientist and President of the University at Buffalo, joined me for a “Q Factor” podcast.
  • Tripathi is spearheading the university’s drive into data research, including through a new artificial-intelligence research institute.
  • For more on how data is changing higher education—and contributing to Buffalo’s economy—listen to Tripathi’s podcast.

The mission of my “Q Factor” podcast series is to help people see the world through a data-driven lens. To learn about how data is changing higher education, I tapped the brain of Satish Tripathi, a noted data scientist and President of the University at Buffalo—my alma mater.

In the case of Buffalo, the data-driven research on the university’s campus is impacting not only the school but is also helping to revive the fortunes of this rustbelt city. Tripathi tells us how data can be used to, for instance, predict the success or failure of college students. He also describes the missions of the school’s Artificial Intelligence Institute, which include research in the areas of health care, transportation, and machine-learning. To learn more about how Tripathi and data research are helping to influence education and breathe new life into western New York, please tune into our podcast.

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