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Jesse Redniss: Big Media Meets Big Data

• Jesse Redniss describes how data is shaking up the entertainment industry.
• The corporate merger of AT&T and Time Warner combines entertainment content with a vast consumer network.
• Data technology is changing the way consumers interact with content providers.

My “Q Factor” podcast series views the world through a data-driven lens. So far, I have explored how data analysis is fundamentally changing industries ranging from investment to education to political campaigning. I thought it was high time to investigate how data is impacting the entertainment world—what we watch on everything from our cell phones to television sets (I have a good chunk of investors’ equity money allocated to the media and entertainment sector). So I sat down with Jesse Redniss, executive vice president of data strategy at Turner and head of WarnerMedia’s Innovation Lab.

As Redniss explains, AT&T’s $85 billion acquisition of Time Warner combines the infrastructure, technology and networking reach of the telecoms giant with the rich content of HBO, Turner, and other assets of the Warner media empire. Redniss’ job includes challenges such as how to personalize content for consumers, which will require more viewer participation, and how to push the content out to more “touch points.” Clearly, how skillfully data is used will be integral to whether an entertainment company succeeds in the future. To learn more about how data is shaking up the entertainment world, I invite you to listen to my podcast, “Big Media Meets Big Data.”

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