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I’ll Be Watching You

  • Afshin Goodarzi, 1010Data’s chief analyst, joined me for a “Q Factor” podcast.
  • Consumer companies are keeping track on you through your smartphones.
  • To understand how and why, listen to Goodarzi’s podcast.

My “Q Factor” podcast series is all about how big data is transforming our lives. If you feel as though you’re being tracked and followed through your cell phone, you are not far wrong. To understand how and why you’re being tracked, I sat down with Afshin Goodarzi, chief analyst at 1010Data, which serves as the quantitative “eyes and ears” for many multinational corporations including Morgan Stanley, Nestle, and Procter & Gamble.

Goodarzi describes how and why clients with whom he works apply insights gained from smartphone- tracking on a daily basis. He also discusses why he thinks the health care industry, including clinical research, is massively underserved with big data, and thus ripe for change. To learn more about how consumer companies are watching you, I invite you to listen to my podcast:

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