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April 23rd, 2019 | Gerstein Fisher

‘Mutual Fund Industry & ETF Awards’ Names Gerstein Fisher’s ‘The Q Factor with Gregg Fisher’ Fund Group Podcast of the Year

The Q Factor with Gregg Fisher,” Gerstein Fisher’s unique podcast featuring conversations with leading quantitative thinkers from all fields, was named ‘Fund Group Podcast of the Year’ at the 26th annual Mutual Fund Industry and ETF Awards on April 11. Over 450 guests gathered in New York to recognize and reward the top achieving firms and individuals across the industry.

“The Q Factor,” hosted by Gregg Fisher, factor-investing-pioneer, portfolio manager and head of research at Gerstein Fisher, focuses on the ways innovative thinkers are using data and quantitative analysis to create new and effective tools to improve outcomes throughout our global economy.

“My fascination with this data revolution has no end and I believe we all become better investors as we see these tides of change more clearly. ‘The Q Factor’ is a natural evolution of this curiosity,” says Mr. Fisher. “Whether it’s investing, politics, transportation, law enforcement, education, sports or music, the rise of smart data and the innovative ways it is being used are changing the world. We are thrilled that the Mutual Fund Industry and ETF Awards recognized the importance in engaging investors in the opportunities and challenges involved in this seismic shift with this honor.

Recent and upcoming guests on ‘The Q Factor’ include: Jesse Redniss, Chief Data Officer, Turner; Priyanka Mittal, pioneer in the rice industry; and Jeff Brock, Professor of Mathematics and Dean of Science at Yale. Past guests have included Nobel Laureate Dr. Robert C. Merton (A Data Visionary Senses A Coming Crisis); Satish Tripathi, Data Scientist and President, University of Buffalo (Optimizing Higher Education); Ethan Roeder, former Data Director for Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns (Data Meets the Midterms); and Anne Milgram, former Attorney General of New Jersey (Finding Justice Through Data).

You can listen and subscribe to ‘The Q Factor with Gregg Fisher’ on Google Play, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher.

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