Gerstein Fisher How We Invest

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Gerstein Fisher’s investment strategies are built around proven research concepts that have a meaningful impact on real-world investor returns: global diversification, smart portfolio structure, proactive tax management, investor behavior, and risk management.


Gerstein Fisher how we invest

Investment Beliefs

Grounded in time-tested academic theory and informed by two decades of practical experience working with individual investors, Gerstein Fisher’s core investment beliefs form the foundation for our strategies.

Multi-Factor Investing

Multi-Factor Approach

We see the world of investment opportunities through a lens of risk and behavioral factors and seek to outperform the market by tilting client portfolios toward the factors that drive returns.

Gerstein Fisher Tax-Aware Investing

Tax-Aware Investing

Gerstein Fisher engineers tax efficiency directly into our investment strategies using a proactive approach that aims to helps improve our clients’ bottom-
line results.

Research Center

Through the Gerstein Fisher Research Center, we partner with leading academics to investigate critical issues in finance and risk faced by individual investors.

Research and Insights

Visit our Research and Insights Library for leading-edge research perspectives that have both theoretical appeal and practical applicability.

Becoming a Client

Gerstein Fisher helps individuals, families and institutions achieve their financial objectives through a tax-aware, quantitative approach to investment management.

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