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March 6th, 2018 | Advisor Perspectives

Gregg S. Fisher on The Advantage of Multi-Factor Investing

With the popularity of factor investing, Advisor Perspectives financial-information service reached out to Multi-Factor® pioneer and Gerstein Fisher Founder Gregg S. Fisher for his opinion of “The Advantage of Multi-Factor Investing” in this March 5, 2018 interview. Gregg, who also serves as the firm’s Portfolio Manager & Head of Research, takes a deep dive into the firm’s signature Multi-Factor® investment approach. Among the topics Gregg covers:

  • What qualities investors should look for in factor managers
  • Why factor investing is appropriate in the Growth space (as well as in Value), but…
  • …Why relying too heavily on the momentum factor today may be risky
  • How Gerstein Fisher “can provide an intelligent alternative to pure active or passive management”
  • Why the Value premium isn’t likely to disappear—and why, even if it did, Gerstein Fisher wouldn’t abandon the style
  • Why this is an especially good time for investors to review their risk exposures

“We advise against chasing performance in asset classes or sectors,” says Gregg. “Instead, investors should ensure that they have an appropriately diversified portfolio.”


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