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July 2nd, 2018 | Seeking Alpha

Gregg Fisher Cited on Investor Illogic in Seeking Alpha On-Line

“We are not rational,” said Gregg S. Fisher, Gerstein Fisher Founder, Portfolio Manager, and Head of Research, in a 2009 Forbes article. “We’re human. Even the most brilliant investor can be swayed by emotions into making irrational decisions that result in financial loss.” Those comments are picked up in the introduction to Seeking Alpha‘s recommendation of “7 Stocks Raising Dividends and Expectations” in the July 2, 2018, issue of the on-line site for investors.

Using Gregg’s comments as a springboard, the Seeking Alpha article goes on to argue that investors can profit from the irrational behavior of others by following a disciplined approach to the market. One such strategy is buying stocks that have regularly increased their dividends.

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