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With the growth of our business since we opened our doors in 1993, Gerstein Fisher has made thoughtful and measured investments in people, research, and technology. We have structured our team and the processes behind what we do in such a way that we can scale our investment expertise to benefit all of our clients while also remaining a nimble and focused firm.

Building Our Team Around Our Clients
Many of our clients have worked with other firms in which their relationship manager was also responsible for making
investment decisions on their behalf. At Gerstein Fisher, we follow a different model. We believe in aligning function with expertise so that we can maximize each team member’s value by allowing that individual to focus on what he or she does best. For clients, this means that our Client Advisory Team can focus on managing the relationship as a whole and staying apprised of any developments that might need to be factored into the investment process. Meanwhile, their portfolio is getting the undivided attention of Gerstein Fisher’s Investment Strategy Group, our team of experienced investment professionals.

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