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November 7th, 2017 | Financial Advisor

Gerstein Fisher Research Highlighted in Financial Advisor magazine

The findings in a recent research paper by Gregg Fisher, “After a Decade of Strong Large Cap Growth, is There a Place for Small Value?“was the topic of a November 3 Financial Advisor ( on-line) article, “After a Lost Decade, Will Small Value Come Roaring Back?” The article, drawing from the paper, asks why the small-cap and value factors, which in the past have offered investors premium returns, “seem to have lost their effectiveness, and [whether] they will ever return to their benchmark-beating ways. Gregg, Gerstein Fisher’s Head of Quantitative Research and Portfolio Strategy, counsels that investors will again see extra benefit from small-cap and value stocks, if they are patient and disciplined. But in any case, argues Gregg, investors “shouldhave exposure to both [small-cap value and large-cap growth] because none of us really know for sure” when the market will turn toward one or the other style.


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