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July 27th, 2018 | Barron's

Barron’s Cites Gregg S. Fisher on Staying the Course with Bonds

Investors today are focused on stocks, as a Barron’s on-line review of July 27’s market activity makes clear. And rising interest rates have done damage in the bond markets this year. With that in mind, Barron’s went to Gregg S. Fisher, Gerstein Fisher Founder, Portfolio Manager, and Head of Research, for perspective on the current situation in bonds.

Investors are well served to stay with bonds, advises Gregg, since they remain “an invaluable risk-management tool for reducing total portfolio volatility and providing liquidity.” To help mitigate interest-rate risk, he suggests emphasizing short-term, high-quality government bonds, including municipals and sovereign debt issued abroad.

Concludes Barron’s whimsically, “Too bad you can’t order those on Amazon…yet.”

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