• February 2nd, 2017 | by Andrew Tanzer, CFA, "The Global Equation"

    Dow Hits 20,000. Now What? (Part Two)

    Recent dips in market indexes have some wondering if the Trump “honeymoon” for stocks is over; some investors are bracing themselves for a possible market correction during Trump’s tenure in office. Research on market cycles tells us a correction will occur, but we can’t be sure of the timing, nor should investors try to guess […]

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  • January 30th, 2017 | by Andrew Tanzer, CFA, "The Global Equation"

    Dow Hits 20,000. Now What? (Part One)

    With several US market indices at historical peaks, some investors are wondering if it’s time to sell—or buy. Gerstein Fisher research found little evidence that new market highs are good indicators that it’s time to cash out. 2016 was a year that proved many market and political prognosticators wrong, from Brexit to the US Presidential […]

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  • December 8th, 2016 | by Gregg S. Fisher, CFA, "Invest with Reason"

    Feeling Great about the Market Right Now? Time for Some Perspective

    Investors in US equities have enjoyed a good run in the markets recently, but returns from January 2000 to today give investors considerably less to cheer about (only 4.4% annualized for US stocks). When investor behavior and taxes are factored in the results are even more disappointing. While investors can neither predict nor control what […]

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  • November 28th, 2016 | by Gregg S. Fisher, CFA, "Invest with Reason"

    In Conversation about Factor Investing: Highlights from a Recent Interview

    Back in October, I sat down with Meb Faber of Meb Faber Research to talk about multi-factor investing. Our conversation became a podcast titled “Sometimes The Best Investment Strategy Isn’t The Right Investment Strategy.” To find out what I meant when I said that, and to hear more about Gerstein Fisher’s take on factor-based investing, […]

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  • November 8th, 2016 | by Andrew Tanzer, CFA, "The Global Equation"

    Year of the Hacker: Cyber Crime and Investing

    Cyberattacks are increasingly exposing the vulnerability of individuals, businesses, and countries to hackers. With more and more devices connected to the Internet every day, these threats are likely to only become more pervasive in the future. There are no globally accepted “rules of the road” for monitoring and punishing cybercrime, and in the US, there […]

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